February 2018


doublelotus4 imgp0536 Silver Leaf Ring,with Garnet Stone Copper Pod Pendant (Patinaed)

Visitors Live

Mimi’s knitting was spotted!



will not need these

where I’m going. Our winter is about to begin –tropical Carribean. And I just finished these socks for the December Ravelry Sock Knitter’s Anonymous (SKA) challenge of enhancing self- striping yarn.  

no winter,again

We were thinking we would have a little winter before we head south. Maybe some cross country skiing,or ice skating. The lakes and ponds were freezing over,with the benefit of little snow,but the weather outside has been fairly toasty –relatively speaking of course. Still been out on the bikes. No skiing. No skating. Not complaining,just observing.


Witches ***

Looking for a book of facts on the Salem witches? The Witches:Salem,1692 by Stacy Schiff will provide this,but unfortunately,not much else. I was so looking forward to this book that I purchased it on Amazon for my Kindle even before it came out –highly unusual for me. Alas,it falls short of expectations and is barely more than a listing of historical facts of the area and events that were engaged in the witchcraft hysteria of the time. Darn it –would have loved a good old fashioned witch story.


Here’s the link if you want to read the reviews of others on Amazon and decide for yourself. Some people loved it.

a few recent projects

Here are some the projects I’ve finished this summer. Mostly knitting,although I did take a very cool weaving class and have since acquired a rigid heddle loom that I am itching to experiment more with. I have also been working on some wire weave bracelets,which I will show soon.

Holy cow,I didn’t realize until I looked through my photos that my finished projects are ALL SOCKS!!! I do love knitting socks,though 😉