December 2017


eatpraylove5 Copper Pod Pendant (Patinaed) Resin Flowers,Glass Beads and Silver autumn21

Visitors Live

Mimi’s knitting was spotted!



will not need these

   where I’m going. Our winter is about to begin –tropical Carribean. And I just finished these socks for the December Ravelry Sock Knitter’s Anonymous (SKA) challenge of enhancing self- striping yarn.  

Witches ***

Looking for a book of facts on the Salem witches? The Witches:Salem,1692 by Stacy Schiff will provide this,but unfortunately,not much else. I was so looking forward to this book that I purchased it on Amazon for my Kindle even before it came out –highly unusual for me. Alas,it falls […]

new directions

Bob and I have started a travel blog to track our adventures and experiences with our new Alto travel trailer that we plan to pull with our Prius. As far as we know,no one is pulling an Alto with a Prius,and we hope to show the way. Our blog atĀ Eco Trailer TravelingĀ is live. […]

sketchbook skool,first lesson

I bought a sketchbook and pencils before my winter trip to St. John to try a bit of sketching while I am here. This is my first winter here,as I just retired. I have more unstructured time here and we live pretty basically –a step above camping. Also,we have a very […]