January 2018


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Gemstones with Silver


Two different gemstones,but the same basic bracelet plan,combine with silver beads to make these two bracelets that were commissioned last month. The blue is Turquoise,from the Pinto mine in Arizona and the green is with Jade,from British Columbia. Both are three strands,with decorative magnetic clasps. Oh,and some earrings,too:) […]

creativity gemstonecreativity gemstone


Didn’t set any records on October posts,that’s for sure. I think I should wear the Labradorite gemstone I just posted on Etsy to inspire my blog writing. Just been too …too. Busy at work. Tired. Uninspired.

On the jewelry side,things are going well. Working on lots of new things. Some new stuff […]

make a silver charm braceletmake a silver charm bracelet

Sample Silver Charm Bracelet

Silver Charm Bracelet Precious Metal Clay November 2 &9 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Just in time for gift giving! Create a gorgeous and fun charm bracelet of fine silver (.999 pure silver) using silver clay,which can be molded and shaped like regular clay and is kiln-fired to […]

peaches and emma


peaches? Has anyone got any good peaches this year? I am so sick of buying peaches this year that are awwwwwful. I’ve tried four times,to no avail. The 3rd time I even bought them off a farm truck and the girl assured me,“These are not like store peaches.”Right. They weren’t. They were […]


It can be –learning new things. Just like this prickly little mama ambling along the hiking path at Jay Cooke State Park in MN.

The soldering and bezel making techniques I’m learning in the online metalsmithing class mentioned in my last post are definitely challenging. The round bezels have worked out pretty well,[…]