December 2017


img_0401 Tiny Copper Dangles branch_green4 Sherbet Lampwork Charms Bracelet

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rainy day trio

Rain! Glad I went out and got a good mountain bike ride in yesterday. Today is over 30 degrees colder and rainy. Not my kind of day.

So,sewing and working on some jewelry projects. Got two custom jobs done –a repair job,and a new baby charm for a charm bracelet. My sewing […]

Jalie Tankini

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Amy Butler Weekender,progress

Coming along. I LOVE my fabric choices and so far have the front panels and pockets of the bag,including the straps made. See photos.

Home ›Amy Butler Weekender,progress ›Amy Butler Weekender in Progress Close up of zipper Rating:1.00 Inside Pocket Shoulder Strap Side Panel Both Side Panels Close […]

Jean-ius Jeans

I can’t rave enough about this class on The class is called Jean-ius and Kenneth D. King is a great instructor. He teaches you how to copy a pair of jeans that you already have that fit well to make a new pair of the same pattern. I like my jeans for a first […]

excitement! Amy Butler Weekender Bag


Ok,¬† it’s been so long since I’ve updated. All spring jewelry classes are now finished and a few custom projects done. Earrings and some wire work.

Main Fabric

But I’m still obsessed with my new found¬† love affair with sewing. I’ve purchased no spring clothes,but instead have made a dress,several […]