December 2017


Spring Tour 2010_4 paddle2 podflowers4 Miss Muffet with Sapphire Blue CZs

Visitors Live

Thank you!

If you are coming here from the Earth Arts Spring Tour –thank you for stopping by! You can visit online shopping for my jewelry here,or by clicking on anything in the Etsy store in the box on the right side of this page. I will be adding other products from the show soon. […]

Spinning off to the Netherlands

The small world the internet has helped us create still amazes me. I can create a custom order for a person in the Netherlands,and off it goes –and I’ve never left my little mid-western town. I can’t take that for granted!

The spinning pendant came out great. There was an issue with the […]

PMC Pasta experiment #2

Part defeat,part success.

The defeat:I think I know what is happening. The clay needs to shrink,and there is no where for it to go,so it bursts. This must happend before the pasta burns out of the core. So …. I could coat the pasta with a cushion. I have heard that […]


Not so pretty. The beads collapsed. Brainstorming for possible reasons ….

need a support under the pasta fired for too long or at too high temp ramped the kiln too quickly too much or too little clay on the form the pasta burst and wrecked the form as it heated

Things to try:stuff the […]

Options for a Noodle Necklace

Here is the cheapest …. it’s virtual. And makes a stupid noise when you add the pasta to the cord.

Then you could go the traditional route and have your kid make you one at camp or day care. You could even make a colored one. Warning:the end result may have future sentimental value.