January 2018


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a few recent projects

Here are some the projects I’ve finished this summer. Mostly knitting,although I did take a very cool weaving class and have since acquired a rigid heddle loom that I am itching to experiment more with. I have also been working on some wire weave bracelets,which I will show soon.

Holy cow,I didn’t […]

and then there were two

After my last post,I ended up sending my Fire and Blood back to Jimmy Bean's to trade for skeins with a better purple tone. The gracious folks at JB's even took back a skein that I had caked. Thank you for the wonderful customer service!

So now I like my Fire and Blood […]


My enthrallment with the Fire and Blood colorway for the GOT Mystery Shawl was short-lived. The particular dye lot I received of this yarn is predominately orange and black…. It should be purple,but it is dyed so deep it is black. It must of been some of the first yarn in the dye […]

Line break

At the Yarn Whores knitting retreat over the first week of April (yup. We got snowed in,how about that?) we began a knitting challenge using Araucania Huasco. The yarn rep sent us a video from the streets of New York City and issued the challenge. The pattern being used was a wrap by Churchmouse […]

knit 1,bead 2

My obsession for a while was beading,which escalated into many other forms of jewelry making. I had to decide to stop most of this,due to expense of supplies. I am not willing or able to put the time and resources into selling what I make,so it is not a hobby that I […]