December 2017


imgp0161 coppersq2 Spring Tour 2010 Earrings Sampler (for class)

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more from a week

Continuation of the assignment to journal your week. It is kinda fun. Like I said,I have very limited resources here –a sketchbook,pencils,thin marker and a small set of colored pencils.




a week

The assignment is to journal,using drawing and words,your week. I often use words to make notes about my days –drawing is a huge stretch for me. It is back to the whole basic concept of trying anything new –get over the fear. Who cares,really,if it sucks? Well,I do. […]

sketchbook skool,first lesson

I bought a sketchbook and pencils before my winter trip to St. John to try a bit of sketching while I am here. This is my first winter here,as I just retired. I have more unstructured time here and we live pretty basically –a step above camping. Also,we have a very […]