December 2017


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Cuff in Copper and Silver

I’ve been up to lots,but haven’t been posting much since it’s mostly unrelated to creating jewelry. But,that’s life,and this blog is supposed to be about exploring jewelry creation and –the catch all –life. So I best get back to it.

Where to start? First […]

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So neglected! Well,here is my newest bracelet. I haven’t tried using beads on wire in a design like this so I plan to wear this one as a prototype and see how it wears. The copper cuff piece is copper clay.

New Classes:Bracelets!New Classes:Bracelets!

Wire Wrapped Bangle in Mixed Metals

February 8:Mixed Metals Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet March 1 &8:Spring Flowers Mosaic Stitch Beaded Bracelet (scroll down for more info)

Mixed Metals Wire Wrapped Bangle On February 8th,6:30 –10:00 pm,at the Amery Middle School,join me to make a mixed-metals bangle bracelet.

One can never have too many bracelets! […]


It can be –learning new things. Just like this prickly little mama ambling along the hiking path at Jay Cooke State Park in MN.

The soldering and bezel making techniques I’m learning in the online metalsmithing class mentioned in my last post are definitely challenging. The round bezels have worked out pretty well,[…]

a few new things


Added a few new items to the Etsy store over the last couple of weeks. A variety! I haven’t done much with the silver clay this summer –can’t afford to keep buying it,mainly. And trying to use up more of what I have.

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