June 2017


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my new rig


Just upgraded my mountain bike and took my first single track ride today. love this bike! My ride was easier,faster and I felt like a really good rider (which I am not,but it's fun to feel that way)


in tandemin tandem

or on tandem …first ride of the season yesterday,23 miles,or so. Warmed by a sun struggling for power with the frozen earth and caressed by gentle breezes carrying a hint of ice and snow,I could begin the process of erasing winter. My winter eraser works to eradicate the memory of things […]

Spinning off to the Netherlands

The small world the internet has helped us create still amazes me. I can create a custom order for a person in the Netherlands,and off it goes –and I’ve never left my little mid-western town. I can’t take that for granted!

The spinning pendant came out great. There was an issue with the […]