January 2018


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like it? 10% discount for art salelike it? 10% discount for art sale


For my Facebook A Thousand Dream Designs friends and ‘likers’,a coupon for you to use at the Cafe Wren Holiday Art Show,being held in Luck on the first two weekends of December. Click here to download your certificate,good for %10 ff any item:  Holiday Art Show Gift Certificate for FB Friends.


wow,look at this pottery!wow,look at this pottery!


Anthony Huonder,  of Ash Pottery out of Minneapolis is a participant of this year’s Cafe Wren Holiday Art show,taking place at the Cafe Wren in Luck,Wi,the weekends of December 3-5 and December 9-12.

Anthony currently works with “high-fire stonewares,including Buff and High-fire white.  The shapes are all hand-thrown on a […]

artist sale at the Cafe Wrenartist sale at the Cafe Wren


Time to make room on your calendar to attend the annual holiday art show at the Cafe Wren in Luck,WI. Lots of talented artists will be there;to say there is ‘something for everyone’at this sale is certainly not an exaggeration.

Over the next few weeks,check back here to find more information […]

winter cheerwinter cheer



I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky,The gold sun burning As the rain swept by. –   Elizabeth Coatsworth

Winter Themed Metal Bracelet

Yes,November is ready to lead us into winter. The season. Holidays. And all that. My challenge in designing this bracelet was to come […]


Three Fridays this year have the distinction of being the 13th day of the month. There was Friday,February 13th,today and there will be Friday,November 13th. This happens every 11 years. Maybe I should wear my St. Paddy’s Day earrings early –for good luck!

No work today –that’s lucky! I […]