January 2018


autumn23 Miss Muffet with Sapphire Blue CZs Back with pockets Silver Squares Bracelet

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a few new things


Added a few new items to the Etsy store over the last couple of weeks. A variety! I haven’t done much with the silver clay this summer –can’t afford to keep buying it,mainly. And trying to use up more of what I have.

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practicing new techniquespracticing new techniques


Got the Marudai set up and tried out the kumihimo technique again. Here is the result. This is actually the 2nd attempt since the workshop I took with Sheilah Cleary at the Bead and Button show. The first time I’d lost my instructions and I didn’t remember how to get the correct set up of […]


The Kumihimo rope was braided on a Marudai

That’s what I thought,too! I had been seeing some gorgeous entwined ropes of beads,and wondering how it was done. I found that it was a form of Japanese braiding,traditionally done with fibers to braid intricate ropes or strands,in this case,with beads added. The beading is done on a simple piece […]

Free Form Free Form

Spring Free Form Peyote Bracelet

The sub title of my blog is ‘Exploring the Creation of Artisan Jewelry.’On that order,pictured is a partly-done free-form beaded bracelet. The bracelet looks so much better as it progresses,so take a look now,and then tune back in for the next few stages. Voila,[…]

Just finished

this bracelet using one of my favorite techniques –free form peyote. Free form is all about the journey,as the beads ebb and flow onto the thread. There is no plan or design. I think the most important consideration is the colors used and that a variety of sizes of beads make up […]