December 2017


coppersq2 Spring Tour 2010_4 Bronze Flowers Bracelet Resin Flowers,Glass Beads and Silver

Visitors Live

Spirals Bronzclay Bracelet right from the Kiln

Last time I forgot to photo how the bronzclay comes from the kiln –it’s very interesting looking. I was struck at how variable the colors are. The bracelet links are similar,while the earring blocks are way different. I wonder if it is because I handled the spiral links a lot more …adding […]

New Pendant –Bronze River Rapids

Inspired directly from the Little Falls rapids and rocks,just a short kayak trip down the Apple River outside my house.

Studio Update

I have the day off work today,so time to work on some projects. Bronzclay again today –finishing up a spirals bracelet and it’s going into the kiln. The client wants spiral squares,but not big spaces between each square. I thought to do this with elastic cord,but it’s not one of favorite […]

Some finished bronze pieces

I forgot to take a photo of the pieces right out of the kiln –next time. The same pieces that were shown ready to fire in my previous entry are shown below –shined up a bit,and with some embellishment added to one of the pendants. They are almost the same color […]

Bronzclay dried and kiln ready

I realized I know nothing about Bronze –except that it is a metal and it often looks old. In deciding to learn a little more,so I looked on the History for Kids website. I learned that it is actually a combination of two metals –copper and tin. Copper must lend to it’s […]