December 2017


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weekly intentionweekly intention

“Every Monday I share my Intention for the week and invite you to do the same.”–Andrea Shroeder at ABC Creativity.

My intention for this week is to honor commitments,both internally and informally set for myself,as well as the more formal commitments of job,classes,family and arts obligations. I intend remain […]

just sayin'just sayin’

Etsy and so many things related to our present digital age are truly amazing. Wouldn’t I have just dropped my jaw 4o years ago to have thought how globally we can now share our art and how immediately we can have access to artists in far away lands?

My new ‘discovery’of the day is […]

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Grandmother's Trunk Pendant in Mixed Metals

a whole weekend,whish. done. Just like that. I worked in the studio for three days. Some different stuff going on. I’ve been stewing on ideas for the Earth Arts Fall Salon,theme,The Trees Understand. Me being a unabashed tree hugger –literally,I can get caught up in the theme. I am envisioning […]

maybe I’ll wear purple or maybe not

Henri Thomas,Femme à la cigarette Original etching,1934

Henri Thomas,Femme à la cigarette Original etching,1934

a la cigarette? non.

it’s tempting to wear red underwear,to 
slump in my seat,and hitch up my skirt

to laugh as if something is  ridiculously funny,to disregard convention

look harder! for the ability to believe,

cheer loudly,  wait for the unexpected,allow […]

maine of the midwestmaine of the midwest

Lake Superior along the Grand Portage Objiwe Reservation

Lake Superior along the Grand Portage Ojibwe Reservation;almost to Canada!

Spent five days on the North Shore (of Lake Superior –the locals just say,‘the North Shore’.) The big lake and beaches are reminiscent of the coast of Maine –craggy,rocky,beaches and great,wide expanse of water that meet up […]