December 2017


Copper with Turquoise Polymer Clay podflowers4 wren_show_display2 Rio Earrings

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Grandmother's Trunk Pendant in Mixed Metals

a whole weekend,whish. done. Just like that. I worked in the studio for three days. Some different stuff going on. I’ve been stewing on ideas for the Earth Arts Fall Salon,theme,The Trees Understand. Me being a unabashed tree hugger –literally,I can get caught up in the theme. I am envisioning […]

gotta be an idea here….

I love the names of full moons. This month (April) is the Full Pink Moon,after the pink phlox flower that spreads over the landscape in spring. Other names are Full Sprouting Grass Moon,the Egg Moon,the Full Fish Moon,because this was the time the shad swam upstream to spawn.

Spring is creativity! […]