January 2018


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oyster mushrooms rockerfeller

on the tree.....

on the tree…..

Rainy day. Hit the woods and found some lovely oyster mushrooms and decided to put them to good use. I made up this recipe,and am writing it here because it was so good I want to remember what I did.




Oyster Mushrooms Rockerfeller

Fresh oyster mushrooms (you […]


Love it! Have you been to Chocolate Covered Katie yet? Katie is a chocolate lover and a purveyer of delicious but decidedly healthy-er desserts –especially chocolate. MY favorite –I’ve made it at least four times so far –is the Chocolate Chocolate Mousse. (pictured –the photo is from Katie’s site.) It’s made […]


Samoas Fudge Babies by Chocolate Covered Katie

Samoas Fudge Babies by Chocolate Covered Katie

On the very same day I got my first appeal to buy Girl Scout Cookies,I also found this recipe on a web site called Chocolate Covered Katie,featuring –oh yeah,can it get any better? –healthy desserts. She calls them Samoas Chocolate Babies. I […]

No Growing Season

in Wisconsin in April …. the food items that are in season now and are shown on the map at this link has got that right. I hear that many artists draw inspiration from the natural world around them,and this is true for me as well. Winter has certain appealing forms and ideas,but […]