December 2017


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a week

The assignment is to journal,using drawing and words,your week. I often use words to make notes about my days –drawing is a huge stretch for me. It is back to the whole basic concept of trying anything new –get over the fear. Who cares,really,if it sucks? Well,I do. […]


I’m a little belated in my thanks,but I taught my second class in Chetek on Tuesday night. It is so worth it to travel to work with such a great group of beaders. Four knotted pearl necklaces adorned four necks at the end of the evening,and they all looked fantastic. I brought pearls […]

crystal heart classes cancelled

These two classes have been cancelled due to not enough pre- registrants so now I’ll never know how it would have gone. If you really want a heart,then check out my etsy listing for the same:¬†Valentine Heart in Swarovski Cyrstals.¬†

getting ready

for the classes I have coming up for late winter and spring. I scheduled a very cool valentine heart for February,and as I am making them I am getting a little nervous about the level of difficulty. I am wishing I had the tennis and garden bracelets,also of crystals,first,as they are […]

who is this?

Cuff in Copper and Silver

I’ve been up to lots,but haven’t been posting much since it’s mostly unrelated to creating jewelry. But,that’s life,and this blog is supposed to be about exploring jewelry creation and –the catch all –life. So I best get back to it.

Where to start? First […]