December 2017


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Visitors Live

Happy 4th!Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Here’s a repost of my favorite cartoonist’s 4th of July ‘tune.

Happy 4th of July!!!!

the girl with the famous dead authorthe girl with the famous dead author


Eva Gabrielson lost her fight with Stieg Larsson’s family to any share in the works of her deceased partner,whom she lived with in a common law marriage for over 30 years. Incredibly,Sweden has no laws regarding this,and with his death of a heart attack at age 50,she is left with nothing […]

My Version

of the Autumn Leaves ring;blogged a few days ago and said I would post the picture. This is the ring that didn’t bite the dust. The other one,Forest Jewel,will need to be redone.

Back to it!

I need to Get Back to work! Tomorrow! Studio hours 8-12 = then I can go play. I have been playing daily for the last couple of weeks,like I am on vacation or something. Time to get motivated!!!! And,a real Vacation IS coming up in two weeks.

Not been totally sitting on my […]