June 2017


Spring Tour 2101_2 Copper with Turquoise Polymer Clay Miss Muffet with Sapphire Blue CZs wren_show_display4

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valleys and peaksvalleys and peaks


Started off in September thinking I was going to break all kinds of bloggy records. Lots of entries,lots of little tidbits,until suddenly,the brakes screech. Nothing. And still,October 13 now,nothing. Can’t explain this inertia. I have been working on entries for the Earth Arts Fall Salon –coming up this weekend […]


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Right now I’m relaxing with a glass of wine and a huge smile! I am all set up for the Holiday Show. Of the six days it runs,I work on Saturday,Dec. 12th,and other than that,I can now sit back and sorta kick back. I’ll reserve judgment […]

Daily Grind


Back to school. It was a nice to have a break for a few days,although with the scrambling to get ready for the art sale,it didn’t seem like much of one. Also,having a killer cold for two days didn’t help either. The cold didn’t set in until after Thanksgiving,so […]