January 2018


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My Version

of the Autumn Leaves ring;blogged a few days ago and said I would post the picture. This is the ring that didn’t bite the dust. The other one,Forest Jewel,will need to be redone.

in tandemin tandem

or on tandem …first ride of the season yesterday,23 miles,or so. Warmed by a sun struggling for power with the frozen earth and caressed by gentle breezes carrying a hint of ice and snow,I could begin the process of erasing winter. My winter eraser works to eradicate the memory of things […]


The rings featured in this post are the 3rd ones in the book,Creating Metal Clay Rings:Designs Inspired by Nature by Irina Meich.  For this ring,  Meich calls for a device called a ring maker to make these round,slightly rounded rings,but I am not in the market to pay over $50.00 for […]

Wrapped Leaf Ring

The second project in Creating Metal Clay Rings:Designs Inspired by Nature by Irina Meich,is created from a leaf imprint in the clay. For my ring,I used a set of small leaves from greenery including in an arrangement of purchased flowers. When I cut the slice for my band,I used the center […]

watch that syringe!watch that syringe!

Ring numero uno in Meich’s book (see last entry) is  air drying now,and will be ready to fire tomorrow. The kiln is busy tonight with some clasps for two copper bracelets that didn’t come out the first time.

So…would have been easier had I worked with a purchased ring ‘blank’as called for […]