December 2017


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Amy Butler Weekender,progress

Coming along. I LOVE my fabric choices and so far have the front panels and pockets of the bag,including the straps made. See photos.

Home ›Amy Butler Weekender,progress ›Amy Butler Weekender in Progress Close up of zipper Rating:1.00 Inside Pocket Shoulder Strap Side Panel Both Side Panels Close […]

happy st. patty’s

alien and dog always says it better,click here now!

who is this?

Cuff in Copper and Silver

I’ve been up to lots,but haven’t been posting much since it’s mostly unrelated to creating jewelry. But,that’s life,and this blog is supposed to be about exploring jewelry creation and –the catch all –life. So I best get back to it.

Where to start? First […]

winter cheerwinter cheer



I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky,The gold sun burning As the rain swept by. –   Elizabeth Coatsworth

Winter Themed Metal Bracelet

Yes,November is ready to lead us into winter. The season. Holidays. And all that. My challenge in designing this bracelet was to come […]

see it here firstsee it here first


Blog readers,you get to see it first. Fall is here. For a few years now,I’ve been making these extravagantly beaded bracelets,using a free form technique with lots of extra beads and flowery embellishments. I tend to take a few months to make each  –not working on constantly,but it sits by […]