January 2018


Silver Hoops with Resin Flowers Resin Flowers,Glass Beads and Silver Blue Lampwork and Silver Tiny Copper Dangles

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coming back!

At least for the blog entries. I am going to keep SandVox for the main site –the photo galleries are so much easier to manage,I think. But the pages are more limited,and they don’t offer as much flexibility. Also,I like to work on my blog remotely,and with SandVox I am […]

Moved website/blog

I’ve moved again. I really like the site that this WordPress blog allows me to create,but it is not easy to keep updated,especially the web pages and the photo galleries. The blog is great –and I guess that is the basic premise of WordPress. I am now using a web page program […]

valleys and peaksvalleys and peaks


Started off in September thinking I was going to break all kinds of bloggy records. Lots of entries,lots of little tidbits,until suddenly,the brakes screech. Nothing. And still,October 13 now,nothing. Can’t explain this inertia. I have been working on entries for the Earth Arts Fall Salon –coming up this weekend […]

just sayin'just sayin’

Etsy and so many things related to our present digital age are truly amazing. Wouldn’t I have just dropped my jaw 4o years ago to have thought how globally we can now share our art and how immediately we can have access to artists in far away lands?

My new ‘discovery’of the day is […]

and…. summer

sure feeling like summer weather this week. It’s good for my soul. Excellent to take a deep breath,step back from the Earth Arts Show,and inhale summer. Now,more than the hint or the promise. It’s here.

Summer renews my energy and restores my faith and belief in the universe. Greens punctuated by brights. […]