December 2017


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That's all. Then I'm free.

Not planning to hang around here next winter. This winter was truly awful. I'd reconciled myself to cross country skiing and doing some snow biking,and keeping up the walking,and although I can't say any of that was done with a spirit of carefree joy,it was done,[…]


I’ve been experimenting with posting from the iPad,as that will make it more likely that I actually do post,with varying degrees of success. A while ago I tried the WordPress app,since although I host my own blog,it is a WordPress blog. At the time,that didn’t work for self-hosted. Now it […] worth checking out

images Been there? It is kind of a hokey name,and I don’t know how I found it but the two classes I’ve started there are top notch. Wow. You can take a class via video lessons,and watch the at your own pace. Instructors and others in the class will respond to questions […]

happy st. patty’s

alien and dog always says it better,click here now!

look at these colors

It may not yet be spring,but it’s a coming,and along with it a burst of refreshing colors. Trends for spring include some beauties! The Pantene color report features these colors,with links to ideas for how to pair them in clothing. I’m picturing them in jewelry! Flowery earrings,color block bracelets,inset into […]