December 2017


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Gemstones with Silver


Two different gemstones,but the same basic bracelet plan,combine with silver beads to make these two bracelets that were commissioned last month. The blue is Turquoise,from the Pinto mine in Arizona and the green is with Jade,from British Columbia. Both are three strands,with decorative magnetic clasps. Oh,and some earrings,too:) […]

creativity gemstonecreativity gemstone


Didn’t set any records on October posts,that’s for sure. I think I should wear the Labradorite gemstone I just posted on Etsy to inspire my blog writing. Just been too …too. Busy at work. Tired. Uninspired.

On the jewelry side,things are going well. Working on lots of new things. Some new stuff […]

Eagle StoneEagle Stone

I will swoop down,and with my powerful talons,I will grasp your prayers and carry them up to Great Spirit. I will guide you through the slip streams of your life,and help you to ride them with ease and with grace.  (Jean Whatley)

Tonight we had an eagle sitting across the […]