December 2017


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oyster mushrooms rockerfeller

on the tree.....

on the tree…..

Rainy day. Hit the woods and found some lovely oyster mushrooms and decided to put them to good use. I made up this recipe,and am writing it here because it was so good I want to remember what I did.




Oyster Mushrooms Rockerfeller

Fresh oyster mushrooms (you […]

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Grandmother's Trunk Pendant in Mixed Metals

a whole weekend,whish. done. Just like that. I worked in the studio for three days. Some different stuff going on. I’ve been stewing on ideas for the Earth Arts Fall Salon,theme,The Trees Understand. Me being a unabashed tree hugger –literally,I can get caught up in the theme. I am envisioning […]

august createsaugust creates


as she slumbers,replete and satisfied. —Joseph Wood Krutch

Like a young bear,perhaps,belly full of berries,napping contently.

Young bear spotted in my yard in July –not napping yet!

maine of the midwestmaine of the midwest

Lake Superior along the Grand Portage Objiwe Reservation

Lake Superior along the Grand Portage Ojibwe Reservation;almost to Canada!

Spent five days on the North Shore (of Lake Superior –the locals just say,‘the North Shore’.) The big lake and beaches are reminiscent of the coast of Maine –craggy,rocky,beaches and great,wide expanse of water that meet up […]

i'm wallowing in summer.i’m wallowing in summer.


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Another damn near perfect summer day. No work,today. Just play (well,except for getting my hair […]