December 2017


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a few new things


Added a few new items to the Etsy store over the last couple of weeks. A variety! I haven’t done much with the silver clay this summer –can’t afford to keep buying it,mainly. And trying to use up more of what I have.

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practicing new techniquespracticing new techniques


Got the Marudai set up and tried out the kumihimo technique again. Here is the result. This is actually the 2nd attempt since the workshop I took with Sheilah Cleary at the Bead and Button show. The first time I’d lost my instructions and I didn’t remember how to get the correct set up of […]


The Kumihimo rope was braided on a Marudai

That’s what I thought,too! I had been seeing some gorgeous entwined ropes of beads,and wondering how it was done. I found that it was a form of Japanese braiding,traditionally done with fibers to braid intricate ropes or strands,in this case,with beads added. The beading is done on a simple piece […]

B &BB &B

Some of the gemstone and other fun beads from the $1.00 bin!

The Bead and Button show is next week –I look forward to this so much! I am also very glad the show changed the week it runs to the 2nd week in June. It had previously been the 1st,while I was still in school. No go. I am hoping to learn some new […]