October 2017


Sea Star on Sea Glass Silver Leaf Ring,with Garnet Stone pocket paddle2

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Next winter,that’s what I’ll be doing! Lucky to find a used stand up paddle board on St.John. It would be expensive and a huge hassle to try to get one there,and there hasn’t been much for sale already there at any kind of reasonable price. Found this J.P. Australian board,wide body,under […]

29 days left

That's all. Then I'm free.

Not planning to hang around here next winter. This winter was truly awful. I'd reconciled myself to cross country skiing and doing some snow biking,and keeping up the walking,and although I can't say any of that was done with a spirit of carefree joy,it was done,[…]

reef madnessreef madness

Sea Turtle in Fine Silver

Coral by Caroline Rogers

Check out this real life water color masterpiece at this link today,located at Hurricane Hole in the USVI,just a few bays away from Bob’s place on St. John. We’ve snorkeled here and have seen these corals –we just didn’t know they were ‘rare and undiscovered’! What we […]