January 2018


leather_lampwork1 Tiny Copper Dangles Silver Hoops with Resin Flowers Rio Inspired Earrings

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a few new things


Added a few new items to the Etsy store over the last couple of weeks. A variety! I haven’t done much with the silver clay this summer –can’t afford to keep buying it,mainly. And trying to use up more of what I have.

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New Pendant –Bronze River Rapids

Inspired directly from the Little Falls rapids and rocks,just a short kayak trip down the Apple River outside my house.

Some finished bronze pieces

I forgot to take a photo of the pieces right out of the kiln –next time. The same pieces that were shown ready to fire in my previous entry are shown below –shined up a bit,and with some embellishment added to one of the pendants. They are almost the same color […]

Bronzclay dried and kiln ready

I realized I know nothing about Bronze –except that it is a metal and it often looks old. In deciding to learn a little more,so I looked on the History for Kids website. I learned that it is actually a combination of two metals –copper and tin. Copper must lend to it’s […]

I took my bronzclay out to play!

Bronze Clay! Cool! I opened my 100 gram package of bronzclay tonight. I was tired after work and I plan to do more tomorrow and I I didn’t do anything specific with it tonight –just took it out and kneaded it,rolled it,and played with it a little bit. It has a different […]