December 2017


mixed_metals_wire_wrapped_small3 mixedmetalfeather5 Copper with Turquoise Polymer Clay Bronze Flowers Bracelet

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winter cheerwinter cheer



I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky,The gold sun burning As the rain swept by. –   Elizabeth Coatsworth

Winter Themed Metal Bracelet

Yes,November is ready to lead us into winter. The season. Holidays. And all that. My challenge in designing this bracelet was to come […]

everything jane austeneverything jane austen

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

cool treasury;my Jane Austen Emma necklace is one of the pieces featured.

peaches and emma


peaches? Has anyone got any good peaches this year? I am so sick of buying peaches this year that are awwwwwful. I’ve tried four times,to no avail. The 3rd time I even bought them off a farm truck and the girl assured me,“These are not like store peaches.”Right. They weren’t. They were […]

just sayin'just sayin’

Etsy and so many things related to our present digital age are truly amazing. Wouldn’t I have just dropped my jaw 4o years ago to have thought how globally we can now share our art and how immediately we can have access to artists in far away lands?

My new ‘discovery’of the day is […]

a few new things


Added a few new items to the Etsy store over the last couple of weeks. A variety! I haven’t done much with the silver clay this summer –can’t afford to keep buying it,mainly. And trying to use up more of what I have.

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