January 2018


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today’s bounty

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everything jane austeneverything jane austen

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

cool treasury;my Jane Austen Emma necklace is one of the pieces featured.


make a silver charm braceletmake a silver charm bracelet

Sample Silver Charm Bracelet

Silver Charm Bracelet Precious Metal Clay November 2 &9 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Just in time for gift giving! Create a gorgeous and fun charm bracelet of fine silver (.999 pure silver) using silver clay,which can be molded and shaped like regular clay and is kiln-fired to […]

peaches and emma


peaches? Has anyone got any good peaches this year? I am so sick of buying peaches this year that are awwwwwful. I’ve tried four times,to no avail. The 3rd time I even bought them off a farm truck and the girl assured me,“These are not like store peaches.”Right. They weren’t. They were […]


Design etched on a piece of brass

Tried several options,and have just come up with a nicely etched piece of metal (brass).  Documenting here so as not to forget.

A few things did not work –rubber stamp with ink (the ink never dried) and drawing directly onto the metal with marker (would probably work fine,but I wanted more detail […]