December 2017


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no winter,again

We were thinking we would have a little winter before we head south. Maybe some cross country skiing,or ice skating. The lakes and ponds were freezing over,with the benefit of little snow,but the weather outside has been fairly toasty –relatively speaking of course. Still been out on the bikes. No skiing. […]

29 days left

That's all. Then I'm free.

Not planning to hang around here next winter. This winter was truly awful. I'd reconciled myself to cross country skiing and doing some snow biking,and keeping up the walking,and although I can't say any of that was done with a spirit of carefree joy,it was done,[…]


The very good Bad River

or hodge-podge,which is the word I thought of first. Mish-mash? Yeah. All those things.

tangle of thoughts,like unruly wire messy mind making something,sense or not sense of it. all of it. some of it. So much going on. Summer’s end. School’s start. Homesteader’s metalworking class continues. Custom orders. Life. Relationships. Ideas. Ideas. […]