February 2009
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merry4 podflowers4 wren_show_display3 Silver Squares Bracelet

Visitors Live

Dangley Jangle

Here’s the bracelet with the first silver beads I made,and my first photo in my new light box. Hey!

Light box for photos

I’ve been working on my photos. A search on line for how to take better photos of jewelry suggests a lightbox. I found a tutorial,a box,some sissors and tape and an old pillow case,and I’m in business. Here is a link the the tutorial,to give credit where credit is due.

On […]

An Etsy bit at a time….

I’ve wanted an outlet for some of my work for some time now. I don’t want to go to a ton of craft shows to sell. Been working on an e-commerce site,but it takes tons of time,and I don’t have that much to sell right now anyway,seeing as the real world work […]

With all my extra time

No more reading classes! I have my reading license for real now after working for the previous three years with an emergency license. So …. more free time. Plus Bob has been in St. John for the last five weeks. Lotsa free time!

I decided to dig into PMC,or precious metal clay and to […]