March 2009
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Earrings Sampler (for class) Siver Squares Clasp podflowers4 poppy_bead_necklace4

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Some finished bronze pieces

Got a couple of them shined up,relatively and ready to move on. It’s interesting stuff –not as easy as the silver clay,but a lot cheaper. Has quite a bit of character. I like it.


Some finished bronze pieces

I forgot to take a photo of the pieces right out of the kiln –next time. The same pieces that were shown ready to fire in my previous entry are shown below –shined up a bit,and with some embellishment added to one of the pendants. They are almost the same color […]

Bronzclay dried and kiln ready

I realized I know nothing about Bronze –except that it is a metal and it often looks old. In deciding to learn a little more,so I looked on the History for Kids website. I learned that it is actually a combination of two metals –copper and tin. Copper must lend to it’s […]

I took my bronzclay out to play!

Bronze Clay! Cool! I opened my 100 gram package of bronzclay tonight. I was tired after work and I plan to do more tomorrow and I I didn’t do anything specific with it tonight –just took it out and kneaded it,rolled it,and played with it a little bit. It has a different […]

Just finished

this bracelet using one of my favorite techniques –free form peyote. Free form is all about the journey,as the beads ebb and flow onto the thread. There is no plan or design. I think the most important consideration is the colors used and that a variety of sizes of beads make up […]