April 2009
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Mother Daughter Pendants

I had a custom request for Mother-Daughter Heart Pendants for Mother’s Day and just got those shipped off. I did a couple of others while I was doing these (pictured),and will get them onto Etsy …. great last minute Mother’s Day gift! […]


Learn something new every day. Great advice. I’m wondering right now what I learned today.

Let’s see…. I learned you can re-attach a metal clay bail if it didn’t adhere well during the first firing. Not as neat,but it seems secure and strong now. Whew.

I also learned that RoadRunners really do run like […]

Etsy Showcase

I’m going to try my first Etsy showcase. I just came here to talk about it and then to get to work on organizing my showcase for TOMORROW….then when I checked on it,I found out it was TODAY. So shoot,then I had to get some things organized and get enough in there to […]

Happy Earth Day

This is a great book to read on Earth Day. Beautifully illustrated. Root for the trees! Yaaaaaay!!


Inspire:a verb,meaning ‘to breathe,’or according to most sources,in the archaic form,‘to breathe life into.’That’s what we have going on in Northwestern Wisconsin right now with the almost indescribable green of the new buds on shrubs,shoots bursting from from the recently frozen ground and the swell of people that […]