May 2009
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Visitors Live

Going to the B &B Show!

I’m going to the Bead and Button show! I have wanted to go to this show for years,and it always falls during the last week of school. This year,I found that I would end the year without using any of my precious personal leave days,and that just wouldn’t do –they don’t […]


I found a very cool bead shop only about 20 miles from my house,in Taylor’s Falls,MN,today. I had no idea it was there until last week when a co-worker asked me if I’d ever been there. I do most of my buying online,and don’t get to Taylor’s Falls too often […]

I’m all the colors of the world…

I love the Color Song by Kira Wiley. And I was going to do my next blog on color schemes and some of the tools I’ve found fun and useful,but I am now the Tutorial Tuesday editor for the WistEsty Blog Wisconsin Street Team –“The Moo Crew”. I’ve decided to turn that idea […]

Today I will notice …

shades of spring green.

I’m a little bit stuck creatively,due to time constraints of my educational work,which gets more of my time than my artistic work. Whew. I just read a tip at a great post on motivation that I love and I’m copying it here with a link to it:

“…try and […]

Reading rules

Today I learned that 1st grade readers will apply the rules to unknown words when you don’t want them to. Big Al,a large and ugly fish with no friends,decided to wrap himself in seaweed as a disguise and thereby get other fish to talk to him. But alas,in this reading,it seems […]