July 2009
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Announcing Give Away Winner

Xanthe,of the Etsy business oddstuffbyXanthe,is the winner of the Fine Silver Focal bead from the give away contest offered in my Wist-Etsy Moo Crew blog feature in July.



Give Away Update!

It just got a lot easier –I am closing my shop for vacation,and I didn’t realize you would not be able to see my items…. so just leave a comment on the WIST Etsy Moo Crew Blog,under my feature. Winner will be randomly drawn. Way easier! Good luck.

Silver Focal Bead Give Away to WIST Etsy Moo Crew Readers

Ok,so here’s the deal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,go to the WIST-Etsy’s Moo Crew Blog and read the Tuesday,July 21 Feature Interview …featuring me! If you arrived here from there,and want to enter the free bead drawing,then go on. Time to jump through a few hoops. […]

Add an ETSY Mini to your blog!

(I wrote this blog entry for the WIST-Etsy Seller’s Moo Crew blog where it will be running today. I am also posting it here.)

To help let people who read my blog know about my Etsy site,I have been loading my pictures in from Flickr,and putting a link to my Etsy site from […]

New Firing

for the copper. This time I fired it at 1650 for 3.5 hours –well,actually three hours and 50 minutes –I set up the kiln outside in bright light,and it is hard to read. Luckily,it was only twenty minutes longer than I intended and I think no harm was done.

The […]