September 2009
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Visitors Live

Lots of Firsts!

I am teaching my first workshop tomorrow night –a PMC Pendant through Amery Community Education. Enough are registered for the class to be a go. So,go it will. Hope it’s a sucess! Still one more class scheduled through Unity Community Ed in Balsam Lake. Here is the link to the original blog entry […]

Earth Arts Fall Show –Theme is Kaleidoscope

I am excited to have two pieces entered into the Earth Arts Fall Salon!

2009 Fall Salon –October 16-18,2009 The 2nd annual EA Fall Salon art exhibition will be held on October 16-18,2009 in the community room at CafĂ© Wren in Luck,WI. Potters,painters,sculptors,jewelers and glass artists are some […]

Mixed results with copper clay

I am going to have to keep track of WHERE in the pan I put the pieces –maybe make a little map as I load them. This latest batch of copper clay elements was more than half successful –and the rest of the pieces either broke easily,or as in the case of […]

Spinach Salad with Apples,Pecans and Feta

In an effort to get back to healthier eating with more fruits,veggies and fresh foods,I finally went to the grocery store yesterday. Here’s what I put together for today’s lunch and it was fantastic! It looks pretty,too –reds,greens and white.

Use any amounts you like,depending on how big you […]