October 2009
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Side View imgp0401 poppy_bead_necklace4 pocket

Visitors Live

Earth Arts –Fall Salon 2009 Wrap-Up

Earth Arts –Fall Salon 2009 Wrap-Up

Enjoy this slide show showing some of the art works and participants.Posted using ShareThis

Texture Tests,over n over

YAYYY!!!! I think.

I have been trying for months now to get a texturing technique for PMC known as ‘tear away’to work for me. It originated,as far as I can tell,by Celie Fargo and her directions can be found if you Google “PMC Tear Away Technique.”The technique involves using black and […]

Earth Arts Fall Salon

reception on Friday night at the Cafe Wren in Luck was so much fun. Lots of unique and talented interpretations of the kaleidoscope theme. Here is the other bracelet I entered. This one is fine silver and polymer clay. The copper and polymer clay was pictured in my last blog entry.


October,5 pm

reminds me of the colors of fall towards the end of the day. I made this piece for an art show where the theme is Kaleidoscope. The bracelet is made from copper metal clay and the inlays are of polymer clay.

The show will be held at the Cafe Wren this coming weekend,with a […]

Class was a success!

The students in my metal clay workshop created some very,very cool pieces. I was so impressed. At left is a photo of their pendants before they were fired.

Unfortunately,I forgot to bring my camera to the second class,when everyone finished their pendants and took them home.