November 2009
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Blue and Cream Lampwork Charms Bracelet Earrings Sampler (for class) img_0401 coppersq3

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Daily Grind


Back to school. It was a nice to have a break for a few days,although with the scrambling to get ready for the art sale,it didn’t seem like much of one. Also,having a killer cold for two days didn’t help either. The cold didn’t set in until after Thanksgiving,so […]

Movin’the blog.

I’m  in the process of trying a switch to hosting my own blog,and hopefully adding more pages to my site,with a gallery of work and such. I still have other up and running,but I just exported all the entries HERE. Now I need to experiment and see if I can get the […]

and more work!

It is amazing what goes into putting together a display for a show when it comes down to actually doing it. I have been happily puttering with my jewelry for several years,doing a custom job now and again,and more recently,posting on Etsy and making some sales there. Now I am preparing for […]

It’s been a while

since I’ve sold anything on Etsy,but I sold a pair of copper earrings yesterday. I have been busy getting new inventory ready for the Holiday sale and have not posted new items or done any pr to attract buyers.

My living room is overtaken by trays of jewelry parts,wires,beads,threats,tools and […]

oh,and new earring design!

not a good photo –just snapped a quick one so I could remember the design after I sell the earrings. These particular pairs won’t be going on Etsy. I won’t be posting on Etsy until after this Holiday sale,so if there are requests,please make them as custom order requests.