December 2009
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Visitors Live


I was so busy up through the show that when it was over I breathed a major sigh. It went well,though. It surpassed my expectations!

Then got a few other things done,like some Christmas planning and shopping and packing for my trip. Family Christmas with my sons this last weekend was very enjoyable,[…]

Working the Wren

today from 9 to 4,  the last weekend of the Holiday Art Show. The weather is milder than the last coupld of days and No more snow happening,so it might be a good day to take a ride. You won’t find the crowds like you will at the mall! So,anyone in […]

It always amazes me

when the weather becomes the main and almost ONLY topic of conversation. That’s what’s going on in Wi today –anticipation of the big storm. Looks like my area will get off relatively light in comparison to south and east. We won’t get by without the deep freese,though,that’s for sure. So yeah –[…]


This is what the site looks like today. It looked different yesterday and will probably look different again soon until I get the right look.

Did the 3 am airport run this morning. Bob is off. I got back home by 5:25,so it is exactly 1:15 to the airport each way,with no traffic,[…]

Work in Progress

This new site is a work in progress and it takes a lot of time to get it right and to add pages and content.

So,pardon the ‘mess’if you check in and something is odd or whacky.

I’m experimenting with the theme,colors,galleries and the little sidebar widgets for the WordPress theme. […]