February 2010
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watch that syringe!watch that syringe!

Ring numero uno in Meich’s book (see last entry) isĀ  air drying now,and will be ready to fire tomorrow. The kiln is busy tonight with some clasps for two copper bracelets that didn’t come out the first time.

So…would have been easier had I worked with a purchased ring ‘blank’as called for […]

One ringie,dingie,two rings or more!One ringie,dingie,two rings or more!

I like to have a challenge or a goal to help me get and stay motivated,as well to spur me onto learning new techniques. So far,the few I’ve thought of recently have been unrealistic –like make a pair of earrings a day. Right. That would last …um …. one day? Maybe […]

and a day laterand a day later Italian Glass Beads and Silver Charm Bracelet

Italian Glass Beads and Silver Charm Bracelet

These hand made Italian glass beads did not hang around my studio more than a few days before they became part of the charms that grace this bracelet. The beads were done by Mermaid Glass of Florida,who sells her beads on Etsy and they are stunning! […]

Years Later!


I bought the lamp work beads in this bracelet several years ago at an art fair. Lovely! Every so often,I would take them out to admire them,handle them,think about what they wanted to be. Finally,they called out to become charms on a silvery,blues bracelet. They’re happy!


Earth Arts Promo Card –nice!

New Earth Arts Promo Card