March 2010
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Bronze Flowers,Clasp autumn21 img_8315 Silver Leaf Ring,with Garnet Stone

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Khaos,of airKhaos,of air

Khaos was the Goddess of the earth-bound lower air.  Dried leaves,having cast aside their winter blankets,dance whirlingly across the lawn and pavement. Branches loosened by the weight of the winter snows give way,and snap,adding heft to the wind blown projectiles. Chaos,blown every which way. Relentless winds of spring. A season […]

fat old sun fat old sun

There’s nothing like a summer evening. It’s early,but I can feel the vaguest of the promise of one. Maybe it’s the forecast of temperatures in the 70’s for later this week. Maybe it’s just the anticipation of knowing that summer is,for sure,no matter what,coming. But,ahhhhhh. I doubt there is anything […]

car timecar time

I really,really must get a beading project going for working on in the car. Didn’t have anything ready and having to sit in the car for the 3+ hour trip to Madison and back –when I could be doing something!!

The earth is still brown,mostly,with citrine and emerald on deck …[…]

My Version

of the Autumn Leaves ring;blogged a few days ago and said I would post the picture. This is the ring that didn’t bite the dust. The other one,Forest Jewel,will need to be redone.

in tandemin tandem

or on tandem …first ride of the season yesterday,23 miles,or so. Warmed by a sun struggling for power with the frozen earth and caressed by gentle breezes carrying a hint of ice and snow,I could begin the process of erasing winter. My winter eraser works to eradicate the memory of things […]