April 2010
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Visitors Live

Starfish r cool!Starfish r cool!


Tried my hand at making an Etsy Treasury –it was  fun to explore some awesome sellers  –who knew the variety of items featuring starfish!

Wish upon a Starfish



I don't know these people! Just showing the frame:)

“When your prized possessions start to weigh you down Look in my direction,I’ll be round,I’ll be round”

–The Beatles (And Your Bird Can Sing,1966)

Sitting in the middle of STUFF!! The biggest mess in the world,if feels like. The Earth Arts Tour is next weekend,and I have tons […]

if i could magically…

If I could magically transport myself to the Caribbean for Earth Day,I’d celebrate by attending the St. John Film Society’s film festival where they are showing The Leatherbacks of St. Croix,a work in progress by Steve Simonson. What a privilege it is to spot one of the wonderful creatures while snorkeling. I love […]


Although it could stand for quite interesting,Qi,a new word I learned today while playing my turn in the word game Lexulous,is the Chinese term for life energy or that active principle part of forming any living thing. It is,evidently,a variant form of the word Chi. The closest prounounciation in English […]

Talented Students:)Talented Students:)

My leaf imprint class was so much fun tonight. And I am truly humbled by the wonderful pieces my students created. Wow. Unfortunately,it’s not even worth trying to take a photo inside the florescent lit art rooms at the school,and I didn’t load myself down with any photography equipment or lights. Enough to […]