June 2010
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Visitors Live

Bon Fire!!Bon Fire!!


The culmination of a three day digging-out. A purging frenzy. Less stuff. Oh,yeah.  I have been waiting for this day,through the crazy months and weeks of meeting deadlines for shows,sales and orders,while working full time at my day job. Piling,creating,packaging,running here,creating,working,running there,unpackaging,designing,solving […]

reef madnessreef madness

Sea Turtle in Fine Silver

Coral by Caroline Rogers

Check out this real life water color masterpiece at this link today,located at Hurricane Hole in the USVI,just a few bays away from Bob’s place on St. John. We’ve snorkeled here and have seen these corals –we just didn’t know they were ‘rare and undiscovered’! What we […]

the girl with the famous dead authorthe girl with the famous dead author


Eva Gabrielson lost her fight with Stieg Larsson’s family to any share in the works of her deceased partner,whom she lived with in a common law marriage for over 30 years. Incredibly,Sweden has no laws regarding this,and with his death of a heart attack at age 50,she is left with nothing […]

hot stuffhot stuff


On the other end of the spectrum,the connections made in this class,Fusing and Soldering Argentium Silver,led by Joe Silvera,used heat to make the joins. Joe,assisted by his wife,explained the properties of Argentium silver –similiar to Sterling in silver content(.925,sometimes labeled as .930,) but more like fine […]

coldly connected

Riveted Squares Bracelet

And this class,taken from Tracy Stanley,of Wired Arts,on excellent methods to rivit and connect pieces without using any soldering or glue. Here is the bracelet we made –completed in class and worn out to dinner the same night. Fun,right?

Riveted Squares Bracelet