September 2010
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everything jane austeneverything jane austen

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

Jane Austen 'Emma'Necklace in Brass and Sterling Silver

cool treasury;my Jane Austen Emma necklace is one of the pieces featured.

make a silver charm braceletmake a silver charm bracelet

Sample Silver Charm Bracelet

Silver Charm Bracelet Precious Metal Clay November 2 &9 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Just in time for gift giving! Create a gorgeous and fun charm bracelet of fine silver (.999 pure silver) using silver clay,which can be molded and shaped like regular clay and is kiln-fired to […]

peaches and emma


peaches? Has anyone got any good peaches this year? I am so sick of buying peaches this year that are awwwwwful. I’ve tried four times,to no avail. The 3rd time I even bought them off a farm truck and the girl assured me,“These are not like store peaches.”Right. They weren’t. They were […]



“What’s Orphans? I don’t know. Orphans is a dead end kid driving a coffin with big tires across the Ohio River wearing welding goggles and a wife beater with a lit firecracker in his ear.:”Tom Waits

Album details for Tom Waits album Orphans,as written by the artist. Not your usual promotional narrative. Genius,[…]

just sayin'just sayin’

Etsy and so many things related to our present digital age are truly amazing. Wouldn’t I have just dropped my jaw 4o years ago to have thought how globally we can now share our art and how immediately we can have access to artists in far away lands?

My new ‘discovery’of the day is […]