October 2010
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happy all hallow's evehappy all hallow’s eve

Book of Trees:A Blank Art Journal

The show,The Trees Understand,is over. It ran a week at the Cafe Wren,and a week at the ArtZ Gallery. These were my entries.


creativity gemstonecreativity gemstone


Didn’t set any records on October posts,that’s for sure. I think I should wear the Labradorite gemstone I just posted on Etsy to inspire my blog writing. Just been too …too. Busy at work. Tired. Uninspired.

On the jewelry side,things are going well. Working on lots of new things. Some new stuff […]

see it here firstsee it here first


Blog readers,you get to see it first. Fall is here. For a few years now,I’ve been making these extravagantly beaded bracelets,using a free form technique with lots of extra beads and flowery embellishments. I tend to take a few months to make each  –not working on constantly,but it sits by […]

weekly intentionweekly intention

“Every Monday I share my Intention for the week and invite you to do the same.”–Andrea Shroeder at ABC Creativity.

My intention for this week is to honor commitments,both internally and informally set for myself,as well as the more formal commitments of job,classes,family and arts obligations. I intend remain […]



In honor of Peace Day (in September),this treasury was put together around greens,blacks and other appealing muted colors. Check out my Emma by Jane Austen Necklace. Sweet.