July 2011
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go west,young (!!ha) lady


Heading off for a road trip for the last few weeks before school starts up again at the end of August. Never been,really,although I lived in Long Beach,California for five years,and visited places from there.  Starting within a days drive at the Black Hills in South Dakota and traveling from there […]

combine the two.


Of course. Now that I’ve narrowed down my favorite techniques to two (ha ha,as if,but let’s pretend!) the next logical step may be to combine them. Metal worked beaded bracelets. How would that look? Right now what I’m thinking is to combine more beads in with the metal work,probably in the form […]

favorite techniques?

Cold Connections Bracelet - workshop work!

If I had to choose a favorite technique,I’m not sure I could. Metalwork with cold connections (no soldering) would certainly top the list. What I work on has so much to do with my mood,the materials on hand,location and inspiration. When in the car as a passenger,I generally work on my […]

etsy treasuries

No More Allergies!

I was hoping the image for the treasury would come up here,but I just see the link. Oh well,try it anyway. Just put this one together focusing on products that won’t aggravate your allergies,from Etsy sellers.

No More Allergies!



The price of silver got to nearly $50.00 per ounce early this spring. Without looking it up,I think it was $48-something. And as of July 1, it had fallen to $33.85. Some forecast it to go below $30 (http://news.silverseek.com/SilverSeek/1309443517.php) and some even say as low as $25.00. After that,most reports say it will […]