October 2011
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just breathe

The new job has been drowning me –first grade,man oh man,talk about a non-stop day. Elementary teachers have a hard job,and now I can say that first hand. For anyone not familiar with my situation,I had been teaching reading until my job was cut this year due to state finances,[…]

ready! Earth Arts Fall Salon

Earth Arts Fall Salon entries are in the car and ready to bring to the show tomorrow after work. Fourth annual for the show –third year for me. Opening Gala Reception is this Friday night,October 21,at the Cafe Wren in Luck,WI fromĀ  6-9 pm. Be there!


for a loop

Road trips throw me for one. Or at least for a few months. That and a new job,teaching first graders,and at my age! It’s been interesting,tiring,exhilarating,frustrating,and on and on…. but finally getting into somewhat of a groove with the kids and my own life’s schedule.