April 2014
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Sweetheart of a Rose pendant web_front_close Silver Squares Bracelet Rio Inspired Earrings

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knit 1,bead 2

My obsession for a while was beading,which escalated into many other forms of jewelry making. I had to decide to stop most of this,due to expense of supplies. I am not willing or able to put the time and resources into selling what I make,so it is not a hobby that I […]

Game of Thrones

Drogon socks in progress

I’ve gotten the series by this title and I’m engrossed in the first book. I never thought this would be the type of series I would like. I’m not a fantasy/science fiction reader,but this is keeping my interest at a high level. It all came about through ine of […]


I’ve been experimenting with posting from the iPad,as that will make it more likely that I actually do post,with varying degrees of success. A while ago I tried the WordPress app,since although I host my own blog,it is a WordPress blog. At the time,that didn’t work for self-hosted. Now it […]

(not) abandoned

Funny how life goes. For such a long while,I haven’t had the energy or motivation to look at this blog or write anything. So many changes have occurred,and now that the deep,deep freeze of a seemingly endless winter is over,I feel more alive. Was I hibernating?

One BIG life event –[…]