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Sherbet Lampwork Charms Bracelet inside_pocket Copper Pod Pendant (Patinaed) Featuring Handmade Lampwork Beads

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Just think,I won't be expected to be a miracle worker any more. I won't have to be a mother,father,grandparent,social,worker,counselor,nurse,referee,disciplinarian,nutritionist,recess supervisor,victim liaison,curriculum writer,standardized test monitor. Oh,wait,I forgot to mention teacher. Everything else seems to be in the way these […]

belcarra blouse sewalong

Time to get back into some sewing. I wont need much for work clothes any more,but I will need some comfy and casual and the easier to throw on the better. This blouse is perfect,and since I have been following the lovely Tasia's Sew-a-holic blog for a couple of years now,[…]

and then there were two

After my last post,I ended up sending my Fire and Blood back to Jimmy Bean's to trade for skeins with a better purple tone. The gracious folks at JB's even took back a skein that I had caked. Thank you for the wonderful customer service!

So now I like my Fire and Blood […]


My enthrallment with the Fire and Blood colorway for the GOT Mystery Shawl was short-lived. The particular dye lot I received of this yarn is predominately orange and black…. It should be purple,but it is dyed so deep it is black. It must of been some of the first yarn in the dye […]


Next winter,that’s what I’ll be doing! Lucky to find a used stand up paddle board on St.John. It would be expensive and a huge hassle to try to get one there,and there hasn’t been much for sale already there at any kind of reasonable price. Found this J.P. Australian board,wide body,under […]