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it’s invisible

Made a go on the first invisible zipper I’ve ever put in. Since all zippers seem intimidating to me right now after getting back to sewing after ten years or so,I figured might as well tackle that one right away. Although I don’t own an invisible zipper foot,I found some information online assuring me I didn’t need one. I followed this tutorial,at the same place the pattern I was using is from.

Ok,on to the pattern. I made a size 14. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! The dress is way too big. As we speak,it is in the washing machine,being washed with hot water and will be followed by HIGH setting in the dryer. Hmmmm. The only thing I can think of is that I used the wrong pattern envelope measurements to decide what size to make. The skirt I made in the last post,WAS a 14,and the measurements on that pattern fit mine,and that did fit. Yup,I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. Grabbed the wrong chart. When I look at the measurements on the chart for this pattern,way off. The hips measure about 5 inches bigger than my hip and so on. I did pin it together as I was sewing and gave it a try,but I couldn’t tell how really big it was until the sleeves were in and the facing sewn on and turned under.

Except for the large fit (please shrink!!),the pattern is very cute. I made,as mentioned above,the Peony Dress by Colette Patterns. I used a dark blue jean material. I also lowered the waist,but I should not have done that either,at least not with using the size 14. Oh,well. I am thinking I can use this as a drop waisted,casual fitting dress. Maybe a long sleeved tee shirt under it will help.

POSTSCRIPT:Murphy’s Law:what you want to shrink,will not. Nope. This dress is still swimming on me. I really want a blue jean dress,and I think this is the perfect pattern for one. Maybe I’ll try again. Lucky the fabric was inexpensive. 🙁

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